The Society





Sunday August 25th

Writtle University College, Main Campus
Lordship Road, Writtle, Essex, CM1 3RR


Saturday May 25th, 13:30 – 16:00 at

Writtle University College, Main Campus
Lordship Road, Writtle, Essex, CM1 3RR

Exhibition and garden varieties of dahlias
Basket and bedding plants
Vegeatble plants

Contact Paul 07498190026



The below tubers are for sale at £3.00 each and can be collected  from Maldon or Chelmsford.

Please contact Paul 07498190026.

G-Giant  MD-Medium Decorative  MSC-Medium Semi Catus  MD-Miniature Decorative

MB-Miniature Ball  MC/Miniature Cactus  WL- Water Lily  SD -Small Decorative

John Hill-G                                                                   Weston Pirate-MC

Louis White-G                                                              Rycroft Pixie-MC

Sir Alf Ramsey-G                                                          Josudi Hercules-MC

Bryn Terfel-G                                                                Pam Howden-WL

Hamari Gold-G                                                             Holly Hill Serenity-WL

Janal Amy-G                                                                  White Ballerina-WL

Kenora Valentine-G/L                                                  Taratahi Ruby-WL

Kenora Challenger-L                                                     Tracy Diane-SD

Corson Gold-L                                                                Winholme  Diane-SD

Westerton Harry-MD                                                    Ruskin Diane-SD

Hillcrest Candy-MSC                                                      Cream Diane-SD

White Vals Candy-MSC                                                  Blyton Softer Gleam-SB

Grenidor Pastel-MSC                                                     Rycroft Bella-SB

Eastwood Essex-MSC                                                     Westerton Pearl-SB

Cleo Lane-MSC                                                                Aurwens Violet-Pom

Rycroft Helen-MSC                                                        Moorplace-Pom

Blyton Golden Girl-Min D                                             Minley Carol-Pom

Twilight Boy-Min -U                                                        Lesleys Willow-Pom

Blyton Red Ace-Min-U                                                  Irish Glow-Pom

Polventon Kristobel-MD                                                Mayas Rhonda-Pom

Rycroft Laura-MB                                                            Pink Carol-Pom

Marys Jomanda-MB                                                       Winkie Lambrusco-Pom


Oakwood Goldcrest-SSC

Greenway Zoe-SSC

Rycroft Zoe-SSC

Trelyn Kiwi-SC

Kiwi Gloria-SC

A big thank you to everybody who contributed to the huge success of our plant sales, both directly and via Facebook. These sales provide a significant boost to Essex Dahlia Society’s funds, and go a long way to keeping our club running for the future. We raised a most impressive total of £1,284.

We could not have achieved this without the time and guidance of committee members Alan Taylor, John Cullen, Chris Whiting and Paul Schramm, to whom we extend a huge vote of thanks.

We would also like to record our sincere appreciation of non-committee members David Gillam, Dave Spencer and Matthew Oliver Their contributions of plants for the sale made a great difference – thank you.

Our AGM will follow the Late Mini Show on the 16th of September.

Welcome to the Essex Dahlia Society website which is for the benefit of Society members and anybody interested in growing dahlias.  The Society hopes that you will find the site of use.

If you would like to become a member of the Society please go to the Membership page for details.  Following  our forthcoming AGM, Committee and contact details will be posted.   As well as the information available we hope you will enjoy looking at some of the photographs in the gallery.

With very best wishes for your dahlia year.