Show Rules

  1. All exhibits must have been grown by and have been the property of the exhibitor for at least three months prior to the Show, except in classes 36-38 inclusive, in which they may be entered by or on behalf of the raiser and in the raiser’s name.
  2. Exhibitors must send their entries for the main Show to the Show Secretary, Mr Alan Taylor on the form provided, to reach him no later than the first post on the Thursday before the Show. Late entries will be at the discretion of the Show Secretary.
  3. No exhibitor may stage more than one entry per class, unless otherwise stated.
  4. All exhibits must be staged at the time stated in the Show schedule.
  5. The Society’s Shows will be judged in accordance with the latest N.D.S. Classified Directory of Dahlias, including single bloom classes (except Classes 33-35).  The decision of the judges in respect of the relative merits of the exhibits shall be final.
  6. Any protests must be lodged in writing with the Committee within one hour of the Show opening. A fee of £1 must accompany the protest. This will be refunded should the protest be upheld.
  7. All exhibits must be grouped or staged according to the direction of the Committee.
  8. The Committee will not be held responsible for loss or damage to exhibitor’s property or exhibits.
  9. All Challenge Trophies are perpetual and may be held for nine months and must be returned to the Show Secretary at the May Plant Sale.
  10. Judges can withhold prizes at their discretion.
  11. Entry cards will be provided at shows and must be placed face downwards at the side of the exhibit.
  12. Only Stewards/Officials allowed in the Show whilst judging is taking place.
  13. All Classes are open unless otherwise stated.
  14. Any matters not provided for in the above rules will be dealt with by the Essex Dahlia Society Committee, whose decision will be final.
  15. Any competitor winning a trophy may have the same engraved at their own expense provided the engraving is in keeping with and appropriate to the trophy engraved. Any questions in relation to engraving must be referred to the committee.
  16. COVID-19
    (i) The Main Show will take place subject to cancellation at any time by Writtle University due to restrictions arising from the Covid pandemic.
    (ii) Please will members do their best to advise entries as early as possible and by the Thursday before the Show.
    (iii) We are not limiting the number of entrants but reserve the right to do so if necessary for the good order of the Show.  Enter as soon as you can.
    (iv) Please only enter the classes that you can realistically fulfil – we need to ease the administrative burden and set the Show out on the basis of the notified entries.
    (v) Please do your best to avoid late entries: please see Rule 2.
    (vi) Due to other shows being cancelled we anticipate a possible increase in entries.  Some classes normally on staging may need to be shown flat.  Consider bringing blocks.
    (vii) Space is not normally an issue, however, if problems arise the Committee may need to take a very late decision to remove classes from the Show.  The obvious target may be single bloom classes.
    (viii) Entry to the Show for 2020 is free.  There was no plant sale this year to raise funds.  Members are invited to make donations.
    (ix) Prize money will be awarded in classes A, B, 1-13, 29, 39 and 47 only.  Best single bloom overall winner retained if SB classes retained.  RHS Banksian Medal will not be awarded.  All classes will have prize cards as usual.  No other prize money.
    (x) We will do our best to retain the Show day as usual including food and tea and coffee etc. but please bear with us as it will be difficult.  You are advised to consider bringing your own just in case.
    (xi) When staging, the Hall should be freely available to exhibitors.  We propose to open to the public with distancing and a one way system through the Hall.  Please will exhibitors respect this during the afternoon session – so don’t stand admiring your first prize for too long!
    (xii) If anybody is travelling from distance and cannot obtain accommodation some of our members have volunteered a room.  It is limited.  First come, first served.  Please contact Alan Taylor.
    (xiii) There will be no tombola this year.  Donations of prizes for next year most welcome.
    (xiv) Members are asked to bear in mind that the Committee has been reduced by various factors this year so please bear with us and do your best to help us put on a good show (no whinging allowed!)