Please will members note that the Membership Secretary is:

Mrs Kate Chambers,
Low Mead, Upper Pond Street,
Duddenhoe End, CB11 4UT
Tel: 01763 838 754 or


to whom all membership enquiries and renewals should be directed.

A membership form is available to download here.

2017 – 2018


£5.00 per member due November each year

Affiliated societies: £5.00

The Society was deeply saddened to receive the news of the death of Heinz (Wilf) Willfang just before Christmas and Roger Claydon shortly after Christmas. Wilf’s funeral was attended by representatives from both the Essex and Kent Societies. Roger’s funeral was attended by many Society members both past and present together with friends from the Essex Guild of Show Judges. Both Wilf and Roger were ardent supporters of the Society over many years. Roger served on the Committee and after retirement was regularly seen in the Judge’s List. We have lost a depth of experience that will be very difficult to replace and the thoughts of the Society are particularly with Richard and Jill at this time.

The 50th Anniversary Show Schedule, as you will read, heralds a number of changes. The Society has changed Class A and introduced Class B especially for this year. Will exhibitors please note that you may enter either Class but not both. We certainly hope the sponsorship arranged for the special classes will give rise to many entries!

In addition you will see that some of the Classes will also be awarded a 50th Anniversary trophy. These are special awards to celebrate our 50th year and are to be retained by the winning exhibitor.

The Society felt that there has been some confusion in the exhibiting of Poms. We have therefore amended and added to the Pom Classes which now hopefully makes it clear. We have also harmonised the entry fees which in the past have been unnecessarily complicated so that all entries are now 30p per class. In addition we have removed the minor prizes for second and third so that prize money will only remain for first place. The Society felt that the relatively small prize money in these categories was again unnecessarily complicated and after all bearing in mind what we must all spend each year the red card is really what you want.

As we think you will all know the Annual Plant Sale is the financial driving force which enables the Society to keep going year on year. The Society is very grateful to all those members and friends who grew and donated so many plants. The Plant Sale will again take place in May and we would be grateful for anything that you are able to donate. Membership also helps the funds: the Society has decided to increase membership fees from November 2018 to £5.00 per member. Affiliated Societies fees will remain the same.

Our new venue at Writtle University was a great success even with the inevitable teething problems. Special thanks must go to John Cullen who remained at the venue throughout the night and ensured we had early access on show day. Equally the Society thanks Robert and Rosemary Porter who stepped in to judge at the last minute when we went a judge down. It really was greatly appreciated. The Society certainly hopes that they will be able to judge again for us in the future.

The Society has had further discussions with Writtle University and this year the University has offered us what we consider to be an improved venue at the Northumberland Lecture Theatre on the Lordship Campus. The parking is plentiful and you will be able to unload at the front door. Staging space is much improved with a very large covered staging area outside (if you wish). The Society continues to be extremely grateful to the University authorities for their help and support. We suggest you access the University website from which you will be able to print a campus map which gives you the precise location. It is very close to the Tiptree Tea Rooms which may be of considerable interest!

We wish to extend an invitation to exhibitors, members and all our friends who have in the past been in any way associated with the Society to join us at lunchtime on Show Day for a light meal in order to celebrate and reminisce about the past 50 years.

Finally we are at the time of preparation of this Schedule updating and revamping our website which we hope will be of assistance to you all this year. Our thanks to Paul Schramm for acting as our focal point in this respect.